Upon The Altar


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Jack Ulstrom
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Jack Ulstrom A stellar release by perhaps the most exciting band in extreme metal. First-wave black metal meets old-school thrash meets absolute hatred. Favorite track: Necrodeathfuck.
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Krow - Axe Murder & Morbid Summons
Fiend - Hammers of Destruction
Smylord - Bass

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released March 16, 2017

Instruments and Voices by GRAVE ALTAR
Mixing and Mastering by Simon Slater & GRAVE ALTAR
Recorded 28.01.17 & 18.02.17



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Primitive Black-Thrashing Death. Rising from the graves of the Midlands & Southwest. U.K.


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Track Name: Upon The Altar
Once upon the altar
Beneath the full moon light
Dark book of souls was opened
Empowered by Satan's might
Black candle flames are rising
A shadow chimes the bell
The ritual dagger opens
A portal into hell

Of Hell
The Altar

Chants of evocation
The summoning awaits
A dark manifestation
From infernal gates
Behold, Demonic wisdom
Satanic rites unchained
The gods of hell have spoken
The sorcerer shall reign

Unfold the truth beyond the fallen realm
Unveil the secrets of the pentagram
See into the depths of the unknown
Sworn to rule upon the darkest throne
Track Name: Morbid Spell
I call upon the darkest gods
And kneel before the shrine
Carving sigils on the wall
Beneath the evil sign
I bind the vessel of the church
That reeks of greed and lies
And raise my blade above it's heart
Behold, my sacrifice

A curse of death upon the cross
Infernal plague from hell
Through hatred, will and sacrifice
I cast the morbid spell

Shadows rise from the abyss
The gods of execration
I give commands of baneful storms
To break the foul creation
Inflict your venom through their veins
Corrupt the holy blood
I curse their kind with plague of scorn
To vengeance I am sworn

I cast all foul seeds of death
Upon their worthless breed
The rancid spawn of gluttony
Their riven, mindless creed
Blackened storms invade the skies
The vessel prays to gods of lies
Their anguish is my paradise
Behold my fucking sacrifice
Track Name: Sworn To Hell
Slay all religions of mankind
Churches burn to the ground
Slaughter of messiahs
Destruction of the cross
Cursed by Sons of Hellfire
Stricken by powers of death
Souls of the wicked desires
Summon gods of dread

Sworn To Hell

Spiteful necromancers
Manipulating death
Light turns into darkness
Evil storms the earth
Blasphemey and mayhem
The devastation grows
Raping holy madness
And ripping Satan's foes

Bound to hell
Wisdom of Cain
Sworn to the dark
Sworn to reign
Track Name: Necrodeathfuck
In the depths of ignorance
Where gluttony resides
Spawn of pure insanity
Repulsive human mind
Evolving to extinction
Feeding on deceit
Sickening morality
Decrepit forms of life

Religious compulsion
Sadistic paradise
Material obsession
Fucking parasites
Born into oblivion
Hypocrisy and greed
Survival of the weak
Cruel, pathetic breed

Purge the human life away
Virus of this world
Bring death to us all
Let our fate unfold

People are scum
Life is a whore
Kill yourselves
And breed no more