Morbid Spell


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Morbid Spell full-length is available on CD from Cavernous Records (follow the link to Cavernous in our websites list on the right of this page)


released May 21, 2019


all rights reserved




Morbid Black Thrash. Rising from the graves of the Midlands & Southwest. U.K.


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Track Name: Cult Of Dread
The evil sign has struck the earth
Conjuring swarms of terror
We gather in a cult of death
Beneath the burning skies
To see the flock of ignorance
Erased through pain and horror
To hear the roar of blasphemy
And hellish battlecries

The stench of corpses fill the air
All sacred temples fall
With right hand path religions dead
We hail the new dawn
We break the oath of solitude
With vengeance on our side
Demonic legions rise again
All preachers crucified

Upon the throne
Of devils own
On face of god we tread
Cult of dread
Track Name: Blood Sorcery
Blood gushes down
The sacrificial stone
Into blackened voids
Of infernal throne

Temple of gore
Sadistic domain
Forces of evil
Damned crypts of pain

Devils arise
Black mass of doom
Ritual of death
Enter the tomb

Blood! Sorcery!

The blood red moon shines down tonight
We raise the tortured souls
Commanding forces of the dead
Through forbidden scrolls
The dagger penetrates the flesh
And spills foul christian blood
The sacrifice is left to die
Beneath the wicked sky
Track Name: Morbid Spell
I call upon the darkest gods
And kneel before the shrine
Carving sigils on the wall
Beneath the evil sign
I bind the vessel of the church
That reeks of greed and lies
And raise my blade above it's heart
Behold my sacrifice

A curse of death upon the cross
Infernal plague from hell
Through hatred, will and sacrifice
I cast the morbid spell

Shadows rise from the abyss
The gods of execration
I give commands of baneful storms
To break the foul creation
Inflict your venom through their veins
Corrupt the holy blood
I curse their kind with plague of scorn
To vengeance I am sworn

I cast all foul seeds of death
Upon their worthless breed
The rancid spawn of gluttony
Their riven mindless creed
Blackened storms invade the skies
The vessel prays to gods of lies
Their anguish is my paradise
And you're my fucking sacrifice
Track Name: Wrath
Suppressed behind your mask
Distorted sanity
Feeding on your hate
Your morbid clarity

I nest within your life and every single thought
Awaiting to erupt I make your patience rot
Craving to brake out a vulture in a shell
Bound to your soul forever raising hell


Chaos is my trade
Creation of your scorn
Hostility portrayed
Antagonistic storm

I ravage when unchained psychotic and obscene
Your enemies are mine a war I have foreseen
A weapon of your might on your demented path
From sorrow I repel malicious I am wrath
Track Name: Wretched Halls Of Death
Morbid shadows dwell within
My wretched halls of death
Behold the corpses cold and pale
Witness the unholy grail
Souls of evil call my name
Voices from the grave
Consecrated flesh and bone
Enchanted to deprave

Obsessed by visions of the dead
Living virtues fade
As one with darkness, I am god
Mortality obeys
Bestow the curse of blackened light
Upon the eyes of all
Revoke their fucking thirst for life
And let my army grow

Ritual of darkest night
Possessed by diabolic might
Wretched halls of morbid spite
We raise the fucking dead tonight

Hear my summons
Dark souls of cain
Awaken through
The blackened flame
Evoking terror
Under my breath
Raise the fallen
Hail death
Track Name: Upon The Altar
Once upon the altar
Beneath the full moon light
Dark book of souls was opened
Empowered by satans might
Black candle flames are rising
A shadow chimes the bell
The ritual dagger opens
A portal into hell

Of hell
The altar

Chants of evocation
The summoning awaits
A dark manifestation
From infernal gates
Behold demonic wisdom
Satanic rites unchained
The gods of hell have spoken
The sorcerer shall reign

Unfold the truth beyond the fallen realm
Unveil the secrets of the pentagram
See into the depths of the unknown
Sworn to rule upon the darkest throne
Track Name: Eternal Void
Far beyond the grave
And rotten flesh
Where death awaits
Dark powers rise
The dead obey
And serve my will
I kneel before
The morbid shrine

Eternal void
Awaken death

Infernal light
Within my crypt
Forbidden might
I rule demise
Dark essence of
Eternal sleep
I harness through
Their empty souls

In search to know
Ways of the dead
My powers grow
My curses spread
In league with hell
Unleash my wrath
Embrace the life
Of left hand path
Track Name: Sworn To Hell
Slay all religions of mankind
Churches burn to the ground
Slaughter of messiahs
Destruction of the cross
Cursed by sons of hellfire
Stricken by powers of death
Souls of the wicked desires
Summon gods of dread

Sworn to hell

Spiteful necromancers
Manipulating death
Light turns into darkness
Evil storms the earth
Blasphemy and mayhem
The devastation grows
Raping holy madness
And ripping satans foes

Bound to hell
Wisdom of cain
Sworn to the dark
Sworn to reign
Track Name: Messenger Of Scorn
A place that burns in corruption and wrath
The flames of tyranny spread
Enslave to obey the creation of man
Religion the moronic threat
A judge of chaos sent from hell
Under satans law
To walk the realms of earth again
Destroying every flaw

The cryptic prophet of demise carnage is reborn
A bringer of eternal rest the messenger of scorn

He travels through the land that was
Stolen by the cross
Followed by a blackened swarm
A pure demonic force
He summons hellfire from the ground
With fury in his eyes
Churches burn to ashes
A new satanic rise

The sky is turning black and grey
The christian souls will scatter
Now messiahs fear and prey
Their hopes and faith will shatter
Tormentor of the leaders who
Enslave the human race
Extinction of the masses
And their putrid ways

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